Thursday, October 27, 2011

Join us for Veterans Day Parade and Event, November 11!

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Join us Friday, November 11, for our Veterans (Armistice) Day for Peace Parade and after-parade event!  See details above!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Smedley D. Butler Brigade of Veterans for Peace at Occupy Boston

Above: footage from October 11, 2011, as the arrests began, starting with Smedley members.

There's been quite a bit in the news about the early Tuesday morning events (October 11) at Occupy Boston.  This post is an attempt to capture different Smedley accounts of the event, different video links, and different news reports.  (This post will be updated as new relevant links are found.)

Here is a link to several pictures from the event (on the Smedley VFP Facebook page): (click here) to see photos.

Above: An excellent film of the evening's events.

Above: more "raw footage" from the arrests.

Above: an interview with Smedley Member John Niles on his experience that night.

Above: an interview with Smedley Member (and Coordinator) Pat Scanlon, shortly before the arrests.

Veterans For Peace describe the 10/11/2011 Police Raid on #OccupyBoston from Closed Loop-Films on Vimeo.

Above:  Interview with Smedley Member Rachel McNeill and Smedley Coordinator Pat Scanlon about the events of the night (with great overhead footage).

Here is a statement on the event from Veterans for Peace national Acting Director Mike Ferner (click here).

Great "exit interview" with Smedley Member Rachel McNeill (click here).

  Here is a letter of thanks from Sefira Bell-Masterson, a Boston Occupier (click here).

Here is an account of the events that transpired, from the perspective of Smedley Associate Member Bob Cable (click here).

Here is an account from the perspective of Smedley Member (and Secretary) Lara Hoke (click here).

Here's a statement from national VFP about the Occupy Movement (click here).